About & Mission

The Languages of Money is a financial literacy company that offers various financial literacy products, along with experiential events and content around different marketing and/or philanthropic endeavors.

Our mission at The Languages of Money LLC is to help empower and educate people to take control of their finances and lives by learning how to speak the different languages of money and build real life actionable habits to achieve financial freedom!

Meet Our Founder

Jordan Awoye, an experienced financial advisor, has focused his practice on assisting individuals and business owners achieve their financial goals. With a passion to help change the world through financial literacy and financial freedom, Jordan left the study of medicine to join the financial industry fresh out of college. After years of learning from the brightest minds in the industry, he left the ranks of corporate America and founded Awoye Capital. A registered investment advisory firm focused on comprehensive financial and business planning while creating authentic relationships that last a lifetime. Jordan has been featured on numerous media platforms for his investment expertise from Forbes to CNBC, The Sun, and others.

Coming into the financial industry with no prior experience or connections, Jordan has seen with his own eyes how quickly a little bit of financial literacy, advice, and planning can lead to FREEDOM. Through his own personal journey as an entrepreneur and business owner, Jordan offers a unique perspective that very few financial advisors in our industry can bring. Besides being a Retirement Planning Specialist from the Wharton School of Business, Jordan also has his Certified Performance Business Advisor designation. He is a graduate of Eastern New Mexico University, where he earned a degree in Biology with an emphasis in Pre-Medicine. While there, Jordan also received accolades for his academic accomplishments such as graduating with honors and receiving a letter from the New York State Senate for his scholastic performance. Achieving these milestones, while playing basketball on a full-scholarship.

To educate and empower as many people as possible, Jordan speaks across the country in various different capacities, such as the keynote speaker for universities or as a financial expert within a panel. Jordan is always looking for more ways to help and empower groups of people.

​ Outside of work, Jordan enjoys working out, meditating and spending time with his family and friends.

info@ thelanguagesofmoney.com